Fracture of Root #46 (30) with Augmentation

The patient is a healthy male, age 49 years. The tooth #46 (30) was broken after an accident with an electric bike. In addition, the patient had undergone an apicoectomy on tooth #36 (19) and filling of the defect with Bond Apatite®.

The extraction of broken tooth #46 (30) was complicated and included trepanation of the buccal lamina to remove one root. The bone defect around the implant was filled with Bond Apatite® (1 cc).

This case shows how the flap was extended up to 10 mm with only with the stretching of periosteum, without any periosteum incisions!

Good healing was observed without any bad clinical symptoms after surgery. Moreover, after 4 months of healing the Bicon system was implanted. (Implant diameter 4.5, length 6.0 mm, 2 mm below the ridge.)

Two-year follow-up after implant placement shows very good bone condition around the implant and no inflammatory symptoms.

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