Bimaxillary Immediate Loading with Keratinized Tissue and Bone Gain with Augma Bone Cement

The patient is in her early 40`s with no major health problems associated In the maxilla she has severe periodontal problem associated with tooth #22 (10) and #24 (12) leading to tooth migration, keratinized tissue loss on the buccal of #24 (12) and mobility.

In the lower jaw she also had a periodontal problem and is going to lose teeth #46 (30) and #44 (28). On tooth #44 (28) the plan was extraction with immediate implant placement, Augma bone cement and an immediate provisional crown. On tooth #46 (30) as it had a huge periodontal defect it was decided not to do an immediate loading, but implant placement followed by Augma bone cement to fill the defect. After four months rehabilitation is done on both implants with Zirconia ceramic crowns.

The surgery was done in two stages to avoid too much chair time and morbidity. The upper and lower jaw on are done on separate dates.

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